Juego PC: ScummVM

18 octubre, 2013

Código: PCG 0012

ScummVM es un programa que permite jugar a viejas aventuras gráficas (en especial las de Lucas Arts, que utilizaban el motor SCUMM) en las computadoras modernas.

Juegos incluidos:

Lucas Arts

  • Maniac mansion
  • Zack McKracken and the aliend mindbenders
  • Indiana Jones and the last cruzade
  • Loom
  • The secret of Monkey Island
  • Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck’s revenge
  • Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis
  • Day of the tentacle
  • Sam & Mas hit the road
  • The dig
  • Full throttle
  • The curse of Monkey Island


  • Elvira – Mistress of the dar
  • Elvira II – The jaws of Cerberus
  • Simon the sorcerer
  • Simon the sorcerer 2
  • Simon puzzle pack
  • The feeble files
  • Waxworks

Cocktail Vision

  • Bargon attack
  • Gobliiins
  • Gobliiins 2
  • Gobliiins 3
  • Lost in time
  • The bizarre adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble
  • Ween: The prophecy


  • Beneath a steel sky
  • Broken sword: The shadow of the templars
  • Broken sword 2: The smoking mirror
  • Drascula: The vampire strikes back
  • Flight of the amazon queen
  • Future wars
  • I have no mouth and I must scream
  • Inherit the Earth: Quest for the orb
  • Nippon safes Inc.
  • The legend of Kyrandia
  • The legend of Kyrandia: Book two: Hand of fate
  • The legend of Kyrandia: Book three: Malcolm’s revenge
  • Lure of the temtpress
  • Touche: The adventures of the fifth musketeer.